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I hope Santa brings you everything your heart desires.

"I have always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round, as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable time; the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys." ~Charles Dickens

"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other." ~Burton Hillis

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!" ~Hamilton Wright Mabie

"Only in souls the Christ is brought to birth,
And there He lives and dies." ~Alfred Noyes

"Wouldn't life be worth the living
Wouldn't dreams be coming true
If we kept the Christmas spirit
All the whole year through?" ~Author Unknown
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To an amazing friend who always keeps me laughing, whether she means to or not:

Have a beloved and happy new year! Make wishes and keep glowing.
I will always love you, [livejournal.com profile] wendythemommy.

Thank you for a delightful dinner and mushy movie! I can't wait to spend Thursday night and Grey's together.

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So after leaving the house (on time I might add.. Go me!) and driving forEVAH.. we are finally here in Charleston, SC. It is pretty here, but no beach.. YET. And it is cool. Thankfully. Well not like freezing, but cool. We did have to run the air conditioner a little bit during the drive.

We are checked into our hotel and chilling for a bit until we get to go eat dinner. And (thankfully) we have internet. Much love. And beach. More beach. And more. we even have a pool at the hotel. Whee!
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Last night we dragged the kid to go see a local play called "Side by Side". It was a musical collaboration of songs from Stephen Sondheim. I wasn't sure if my teenage daughter would enjoy it, but I was hoping, and she loved it! I'm so glad. It was a great time. I love seeing plays.

My cell phone had a seizure last night. We rushed it to the local Radio Shack and they got it working again somehow (Yay Radio Shack plug! but boo no Phil!), but I am hoping it will last a bit longer, as we don't have the $$ to buy a new phone and we're not eligible for any discounts until May.. which really isn't that long, but long enough to go without a phone. I suppose I could last a few weeks, since I'm usually with one of my other family members, but gosh, who wants to share? I guess what I'm saying is, if you texted me or called and I didn't answer it was because my phone was dead. And if you text me or call and I don't pick up, that's what it could be in the future. Bleh.

Today is Friiiiiday! Yay! We are going away on Sunday to Richmond to meet P's family because its his mom's birthday. That should be fun. I'm looking forward to it. Next weekend is Prom. And I'm sorta dreading it. Not only do I have to deal with getting Madi ready, I somehow have to squeeze in a cleaning spree because P's parents are coming for a visit. Also, P's working the after prom, so he will be useless to my cleaning mission as he will be comatose. My head may explode before then. Seriously.

Have a great weekend!
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On Easter Day the veil between time and eternity thins to gossamer.
- Douglas Horton

The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise.
- Carl Knudsen

Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.
- S.D. Gordon

Today was a beautiful day. Church was exquisitely lovely because we had flower communion, which is my favourite! Everyone brings a flower to church, then the flowers are blessed and everyone gets to come up to the alter and take someone else's flower home with them. It's a beautiful thing.

Just before he was put to death in Dachau, Dr. Capek wrote this prayer reflecting on his own life and the state of his spirit:
"It is worthwhile to live and fight courageously for sacred ideals.
Oh blow ye evil winds into my body's fire; my soul you'll never unravel.
Even though disappointed a thousand times or fallen in the fight and everything would worthless seem,
I have lived amidst eternity.
Be grateful, my soul,
My life was worth living.
He who was pressed from all sides but remained victorious in spirit is welcomed into the choir of heroes.
He who overcame the fetters giving wing to the mind is entering into the golden age of the victorious."
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"And all my days are trances, And all my nightly dreams, Are where thy dark eye glances, And where thy footstep gleams -- In what ethereal dances, By what eternal streams." ~ E A Poe

Today happens to be my birthday. I am a believer that everyone deserves their birthday off of work to celebrate one's birth. I'm not sure where this idea came from, but its been with me for a long time. I couldn't always take it off, because previous owners seemed to enjoy taking a long cruise during MY birthday week, but for the last few years, I have been able to slip away.

I woke up and showered with P, got ready, while he left for work. (Poor thing!) Once I was ready I slipped into my car and played Abney Park, which is my newest music obsession. Yay! My favourite music. Then off to meet Wendy at wings to pick her up so we can drive in one car to UVa to see a descendant of my favourite author, Edgar Allan Poe. We weren't sure exactly where we were going, but we found the parking garage pretty easily. From there, I had a few written instructions and we stumbled our way until we came to a chalked arrow on the ground. We giggled about it being a 'sign' and then followed the way it pointed, and then there coming toward us was Dr Hal Poe. I wasn't sure it was him, and being shy I would never ask anyone, but Wendy picked up on it immediately and she stepped forward to ask him where we were going. He was helpful and showed us, and we did happen to be going the correct way! With my Poe book in tow, we got inside the building. We got to explore the Poe exhibition they have set up at UVa until August and then it will head to Texas. It was quite interesting/amazing. We listened to Dr Poe speak, and he's an amazing speaker. There's something warm and wonderful and cozy about listening to him. I struggled to imagine listening to him with no one else in the room, but there was many other people there. The two people in front of us to our left happened to be Wendy's old professor of math and his wife. They were sweet. She had a very lovely smile. The elderly couple to our right were very cute too. She was really getting into the talk and I loved that. The guy who was sitting several seats beside me, was creepy/stalkerish and kept looking our way for no reason. It was odd and he gave off a weird vibe and yeah.. I could have done without him there! We got our learn on about Poe and Westminster Hall and all kinds of big bang theories and books, and shells and omg, so much! After it was over (its never long enough, when you're enjoying something) I got my book signed and Wendy got a paper signed for her mum. Dr Poe even remembered us, even if he wasn't sure where he remembered us from. But with a little coaxing, he got it.

Once we left the book talk, there was a black man preaching loudly outside with a bunch of students standing around. He was carrying a bible and I struggled to leave, but Wendy was there and oh no..... we were going to get sucked in. I could tell. She had that look. I skipped around and stood a bit away from Wendy thinking "Oh no" the whole time, and well.. there was a slight altercation and then we finally got to leave. Thanks, God! But yeah, he was annoying and needed to hear what she said. We can hope it sinks in.

From there we went to my favourite place to eat.. wings! With my favourite friend! Lunch was delicious and then Sherry was on the radio and we had to call... of course. So I called and talked to Sherry and told her we were listening at wings and so she gave a shout out to us and mentioned my birthday on the radio. Wheee! I'm famous. :) hehe. We annoyed the poor server guy from months ago to turn the radio up so we could hear. We're such crazies.

Then Wendy went on her way and I went shopping! Shopping is the best therapy for your soul on your birthday. I headed to Sam's Club and picked up several shorts and shirts for P and then some for me as well. Then I went to Wal Mart and found another pair of shorts, and some bracelets for Madi and I and a new necklace for her as well. After all that, I was tired and very thirsty and went home. I showed everyone my shopping spree items and then we went to go eat dinner at the Lakeside. Dinner was delicious! Prime rib is my favourite (next to wings, of course!).

I came home and slipped online to answer emails and chat and now I am soooo tired. It's been a very exciting and crazy day, but a great birthday.

Happy First Day of Spring!

Much love,

"No pictorial or sculptural combinations of points of human loveliness, do more than approach the living and breathing human beauty as it gladdens our daily path." ~ E A Poe
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This is for my friends who are guys, or hey, any guys for that matter. I am not picky! This includes my girl friends who have boyfriends, or hubbys!

I desperately need help! I am going to be writing an article for a ezine in about a week, about girly movies that guys like. Doesn't necessarily HAVE to be girly movies, but I need movies both women and men would go see together and not want to kill the other for making them sit through it.  I need a list of about 15 or so.

So, in your best words ( I won't use your name or anything ) give me what movie and just a very brief reason why you liked it. I promise not to tell anyone you like girly movies! And just to make sure no one calls you a sissy or a pansy, I am screening all comments.

Thank you so much!


Jan. 30th, 2009 04:52 pm
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Happy Birthday to my husband. Whoo! Hope you get everything you want. Make good wishes!

Getting older, babe. :)

All of my love,

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I got everything I wanted for Christmas except...

A zebra zombie donkey.
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Green. Bean. Casserole.


I used to hate stuffing too. I can eat it now if it's not toooooo mushy. I don't like it soggy!
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1. Stop talking about politics for a moment or two.
2. Post a reasonably-sized picture in your LJ, NOT under a cut tag, of something pleasant, such as an adorable kitten, or a fluffy white cloud, or a bottle of booze. Something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.
3. Include these instructions, and share the love.

Well now..

Nov. 4th, 2008 11:25 am
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After much confusion and indecision about -who-.. I finally made up my mind last night and went early this morning before work and P and I both voted. The lines were unbelievably not long and it took less than 5 minutes total, which was quite different than in the past where I have waited up to an hour or more in our little county.

I used to not care, but now that I am older ancient, I don't feel like you can complain about who's in charge unless you voted. Just my humble opinion from someone who previously used to not vote.. or care.

May God let the best man win.

Now, it's your turn.
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September is full of birthdays. And I do mean full. Between friends, Patrick's family and my own family, it's a mess. Anyways, I'm always looking for interesting and exciting birthday presents. Cuz you know, I love to make people giddy with presents. The last few month have been extremely poor (to say the least) and so presents were few and far between and cheap! So I tried to get some tickets for my friend [livejournal.com profile] wendythemommy to go see Elton John, but hadn't been too successful in obtaining them prior to her birthday date.

Now, Elton John isn't really my fav, but he is [livejournal.com profile] wendythemommy's and so it just had to be. Because he was coming to C'ville and well, that is exciting in itself. Somehow I managed to procur two tickets, a little late for her bday... BUT! Tonight is the big night. I had just told Wen that we were going out, but she sneakily suspected it and now she knows. So the cat is out of the bag. I have to admit being pretty excited myself, just cause I love making people happpppppyyyyyyyyy. And I know Wen is. Go me!

P's gotta go pick up Mads from school and then pay off a bill in town and obtain a homecoming dress for Mads as well, because we've had the worst luck ever getting one. I can't believe it.

So Elton John tonight! and we're going to JMU tomorrow morning eaaarrrly. UGH. The kid has to be at the high school at 4am. Yes, that is correct, 4am. I must be out of my mind. But it will be worth it.

Happy Belated Birthday, Wen. Love you!

Much love,

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for my friend, [livejournal.com profile] wendythemommy.

I shall never eat again.

No really.
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You have got to.

They're making a movie out of it. It gives me goosebumps every time I watch the video.

Sappy me.
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